What is the Patriot Posse? It is our ‘Merican dream – the ladder that anyone patriotic enough can climb. As you grow with us, we grow you. With every tier, the ‘Merica Labz Ambassador will receive better rewards, new swag, more cash. All these rewards come in the natural course of using, and spreading knowledge about, your favorite ‘Merica Labz products.

Think you’re fit for the job? Fill out this form, film a 60 second video telling us what ‘MERICA means to you, and tell us which social channel you’ve uploaded it on. If we think you’re fit for the ambassador program, we’ll respond with all the sick details of this patriotic program.



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What Makes You ‘Merica (tell us a little bit about how ‘Merican you are and how you Freedom):


What does ‘Merica mean to you?


All applications MUST include a video describing what 'Merica means to you. Applications without a video will NOT be eligible.